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Facts About Kilts You Weren’t Aware Of

There was a lot of talk about kilts, their history and kilts. However, some details may not be well-known to the general public. Kilts are a type of cloth with an interesting story and numerous secrets that are worth knowing.

Irish say that they were the first people who offered Scots this kind of clothing. Also, English people. They consider themselves kilt-makers and claim credit for the kilts they wear. What is the truth?

There is some evidences that show Irish men as well as English men were the kilt’s first wearers. There are even evidence from the 11th century. The problem is that those documents aren’t written, but they are photographs that may be showing something other than the kilts. So , what was the first authentic documentation on Kilts?

The first mentions of feilidh-malo, also known as balted plaid (type of woollen cloth) were found within “Life of the Red Hugh O’Donnell” by Lughaidha O’Clery in the 16th century. Particularly, this fabric was a shawl with a lot of weight.
It was covered from the upper to the lower part on the back, binding

It is evident that kilt wouldn’t be recognized in its original model in the 13th century, or even 14th century. This means that kilts couldn’t be worn by the great hero like William Walace. Also, Irish men shouldn’t be wearing it prior to the 16th century in the first.

Written evidence from the 17th century reveal that belted plaid was the an all-purpose outfit for Scottish highlanders. It was a long piece of cloth that was worn from knees down to the tail, and onto arms. It wasn’t cut as such, but was merely a piece of large, sturdy, and heavy material. However, when did this plaid become the kilt of today?

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